Branding + Logo + Collateral

Salus University

Salus University is an accredited health science university near Philadelphia offering a wide range of 14 post-graduate degree programs in various disciplines.

Rebranding the future of health science since 1919

Running parallel with Salus University’s strategic planning efforts, the university pursued a comprehensive rebranding effort to define “Salus.” The process involved countless hours of planning, meetings, surveys and focus groups. Consistently, one over-riding theme heard in all the research: Salus is unique in their faculty and students, their size and their shared vision.

Roni Lagin & Co. created the new logo and branding that showcased an overriding theme of inter-connectivity. The new look, meant to feel fresh and solid, conveyed a modern style that employed a stronger, more powerful voice in the market that positioned Salus as the unprecedented leader in health science post-graduate education.

The comprehensive brand roll-out for Salus University including a stationery system, marketing view book, folders, fact sheets, banners, advertisements, social media, brand architecture, brand essence video and campus signage.