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Delicious City Prints

A typographic poster series for the urban foodie. Serving up famous snacks from culinary capitals in graphic typography.

The world’s foodprints on a wall

The Delicious City Prints series was created in 2012 and was introduced through a successfully crowd-funded Kickstarter campaign.

Fulfilling a passion for food and, in particular, those foods that define places lives or visited. As a result, a typographic poster series was created that celebrates the foods from different cities.

“Captures the foodie essence of major cities in the simplest of ways.”
– Huffington Post

The series started with Philadelphia, and then created designs for other cities including New York, Baltimore, Buffalo, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, New Orleans, Paris, and London.

You can purchase prints and other goodies at www.deliciouscityprints.com.

The series was featured in The Huffington Post, Yahoo! Shine, Parade Magazine, Acquired Taste Magazine, and Laughing Squid.

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